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Join HTSA for £1

New scheme aims to reward existing members and give everyone else an opportunity to join without breaking the bank.

We believe that supporters' trusts are an important way for fans to have their voices heard on the issues that matter.

To make sure those voices become a chorus, we are offering Town fans the opportunity to join HTSA for just £1. In addition, NHS staff, emergency service workers, teachers, and those serving in the armed forces can join for nothing. Existing members will also have their membership extended for free until 31st May 2022.

To join, pay £1 via PayPal and send your full name, age (over 18 or under 18), and email address to membership[at] You will receive your membership number within seven days of the PayPal payment being approved. From this point, we will keep you in the loop about what we are up to via e-mail.

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