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HTSA Season Cards Pricing Statement

The Huddersfield Town Supporters’ Association (HTSA) is calling on the club to make sure that season card prices remain affordable over the long-term.

We believe that the simple ticketing strategy adopted since 2016 has, on the whole, been successful.

Reasonably priced season cards have resulted in high attendances, a more diverse fanbase, and sustainable match-day revenues. They have also distinguished Huddersfield Town as a club that does the right thing by its supporters and wider community.

The club’s proposal to gradually increase prices to meet the Championship average is thus fraught with risk — especially in light of the team’s consistently poor performance on the pitch and a historic cost-of-living crisis.

There is little doubt that higher prices will lead to a drop off in season card sales. While the club may enjoy a modest increase in revenue under such a scenario, we do not believe this will be a worthwhile trade off.

These concerns are shared by our members, who tasked us with defending value-for-money season cards at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in March. Many in the wider fanbase are concerned, too. A HTSA survey published in February found that 68 percent of 392 respondents thought “season card affordability” should be our top priority.

39 percent, meanwhile, said they would not pay any more than £300 for a Championship season card. Another 29 percent reported that they would not pay more than £350. Only 14 percent stated they would pay more than £300 for a League 1 season card.

In addition to our comments at the latest meeting of the All Together Town (ATT) panel, we therefore propose the following measures:

- Assuming that zoning is re-introduced, it should be as simple and clear as possible.

- ⁠Under a zoning system, the average price of an adult Huddersfield Town Championship season card in 2024/25 should not exceed £300.

- Season card prices next season should be frozen at their current level if the club is relegated to League 1.

- Every effort should be made to keep season card prices as low as possible for young people and the over-65s.

None of this is a criticism of the club, which does fantastic work to engage with and consider the needs of supporters — in general through the ATT panel and specifically through the incredibly hardworking Supporters’ Services department.

It is simply a reminder of the balance — and overlap — between the interests of the club and its loyal supporters.

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