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HTSA Requests Special Support For At-Risk Season Card Holders During the Pandemic

The risk of an individual developing severe illness after contracting coronavirus depends on several factors. But the data suggests that certain groups are more vulnerable than others.

In view of this, many people may not feel comfortable attending matches in person when the government reopens stadia, even if strict public health measures are in place.

As such, HTSA believes that season card holders should be offered the option to opt out of the ballot system and instead be provided with codes to stream the remaining games of the 2020/21 season on iFollow. We believe this option should be extended to the 2021/2022 season if the pandemic is still ongoing.

Last week, we made a formal request to this effect. In response, the club stated:

“We would hate for supporters who need to shield to be at a disadvantage, so we will raise this when planning recommences to see what the possibilities are.”

We welcome the club’s position and look forward to working together to devise and implement such a policy if necessary.

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