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Final chance of the season to win signed merch through Pledgeball!

This Saturday we welcome Bristol City to West Yorkshire in our last game before the

Play-Offs. HTSA are also pleased to announce that our fans will have one last chance to

step up this season and help us win the Pledgeball League as our partnership with the

Charity, Pledgeball continues. This is also the last chance this season for you to WIN signed merch donated by the club.

After such a strong run of form we can’t wait for another chance to see the team out on the pitch

and a win would give us a great platform for our play-off campaign. Off the pitch, fans of the

two clubs go head-to-head in a Pledgeball League match to see who will pledge to save the most

carbon emissions.

Pledgeball gives fans the platform to take a stand on sustainability.

Fans can show support for their team by making a pledge to cut down their carbon emissions and help their club climb the Pledgeball League Table. The idea is simple: the group of fans who have pledged to save the most carbon emissions by midnight on matchday will see their club win the Pledgeball fixture and climb the league table.

As a supporter’s association we are delighted to continually find new ways to support our fans in making a difference and supporting an initiative that shows what football fans are really about. HTSA have been long-time promoters of sustainability and the Pledgeball fixture couldn’t have come about at a better time with our Pedal for Pounds cycle ride kicking off on Friday before the game. Cycling is one of the most sustainable forms of transport and one of the key actions promoted by Pledgeball.

Our fans have shown great commitment so far and we are pleased to see Huddersfield currently sitting in 4th place in the Pledgeball League. Our rivals on the day, Bristol City are Pledgeball regulars and are sitting top of the table. Let’s push for an upset by winning this weekend’s fixture and replacing them at the Pledgeball summit.

To make your pledge and see the impact that Huddersfield fans are making go

Terriers’ fans have potential to make significant change:

- All of the Terrier’s Twitter followers cycling for journeys less than 2 miles saves the same amount of emissions as taking over 700 cars off the road.

- HTSA’s Twitter followers switching to cycling to work equates to taking over 400 cars off the road

- One John Smith’s Stadium worth of fans switching to cycling to work equates to taking over 2,400 cars off the road.

The impact you can have by carrying out your pledge not only reduces emissions, but stretches beyond just your own action through the influence it has on friends, family and beyond.

A word from Katie Cross, Pledgeball’s founder said: ‘HTSA have done incredible work through their Sustainable Stadium Campaign and, as early adopters of Pledgeball, it would be very well deserved to see them knock Bristol City off the top spot in the Pledgeball League. It wouldn’t take many fans and their friends to see this happen.

I very much look forward to this season finale, on and off the pitch’.

How Else Can Fans Help?

You can help the Sustainable Stadium Campaign in two main ways.

First, by sharing our articles and social media posts. And if you feel strongly, let the club know that you support the campaign and are glad they do, too.

Second, if you want to become more actively involved, email contact[at], and we'll invite you to participate in our Sustainable Stadium Campaign Working Group.

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