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Minutes of the Board of the Huddersfield Town Supporters' Association (HTSA) - 21.06.2021

This meeting was hosted online.

Present: Alasdair Bell (AB); Emily Broome (EB); Neil Brophy (NB); Paul Cuffe (PC); Paul Cooney (PC2); Tristan Wooler (TW)

Apologies: Stephen Booth (SB); Alice Broome (AB2); Steven Downes (SD); Bini Joshi Barr (BJB); Philip Ross (PR)

Previous Minutes

The Board unanimously approved the minutes of the previous meeting.

Matters Arising

There were no matters arising from the minutes of the previous meeting.

Sustainable Stadium Campaign

TW provided an update on behalf of the Sustainable Stadium Campaign (SSC) working group:

  • HTSA met with Kirklees Council (KMC) in late May to discuss the possibility of securing grant funding for recycling bins at the stadium. TW to follow up.

  • The Hull City (16/10) and Coventry City (11/12) fixtures will be desingated as Pledgeball fixtures, with HTSA running various intitiatives to promote sustainablity at the stadium.

  • As the club stated that they are close to gaining "operationanal control" of the stadium, AB will ask who will use the next meeting with club representatives to find out who will be responsible for sustainability.


AB to share membership process with NB. NB and PR to deal with membership requests going forward.

NB raised the possibility of putting a membership link at the bottom of each website post. The Board agreed that this was a good idea.

PC agreed to regularly review the contact@ and membership@ email addresses to speed up response times.

Football Governance Update

End of season sruvey results to be sent to the club as requested at the previous ATT meeting.

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