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Minutes of the Board of the Huddersfield Town Supporters' Association (HTSA) - 21.07.2020

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this meeting was hosted online.


5 Board members and 2 members.


4 Board members.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted by all those present.

ATT Panel

  1. JC and AB provided an overview of the recent meeting of the ATT panel. Topics covered included an overview of the club’s finances, an update on iFollow and 2019/20 season cards, and an appraisal of the ongoing development at PPG Canalside. Both agreed that the meeting was frank, amiable, and substantive.

  2. All those present agreed that HTSA should ask the club to convene another ATT meeting before the start of the new season. This was deemed to be particularly important because there are still outstanding questions regarding season cards, iFollow, and potential return to stadium protocols.


  1. The secretary was not present, having sent his apologies. In his place, AB and JC provided an update on the new online payment system and membership numbers.


  1. AB gave finance update. He commended the Board for consistent level of funds given to charitable groups and causes over the last 3 years. This has been made possible due to surplus generated by HTSA away travel.


  1. AB noted the potential problems that could be caused by BP leaving the Board. It was agreed that HTSA would approach regular travels to see whether they would consider stewarding coaches in the future.

  2. The Board also agreed to approach the Patrons about collaborating on travel in the future.

Women's Team

  1. The Board agreed to run another fundraiser to sponsor women's team players.

  2. The Board agreed to donate £250 to the fundraiser.


  1. AB reported that phase 1 of the Heritage Project would be delivered in late-summer.

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