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ATT Panel – 9th June 2021 Meeting – Agenda

Updated: May 29, 2021

The next meeting of the All Together Town (ATT) Panel will take place on Wednesday, 9th June at 19:00. The following agenda items have been submitted for discussion. Agenda items submitted by HTSA and the Huddersfield Town Disabled Supporters Club have been marked as such and expanded upon. Many thanks for your suggestions and feedback.

1. Matters arising from previous meeting/s (HTSA/HTDSC)

· Club representatives stated that they would share the most recent Safety Advisory Group (SAG) minutes with the panel - 10.12.2020

· Update on the club's plans to hire a Disability Liaison Officer (DLO) - 10.12.2020

· Club representatives stated that they would seek clarification and provide an update on the stadium shares situation - 10.12.2020 / 08.03.2021

· Club representatives stated that they would speak to the EFL to clarify whether disabled/shielding fans will be able to continue watching games via iFollow next season - 08.03.2021

· Update on the club's efforts to improve accessibility on videos (closed captions/subtitles/BSL) - 08.03.2021

· Update on the club's enquiry regarding Blue and White Foundation prize payment options (addition of a bank transfer option - 08.03.2021

2. Club finance update (HTSA)

· When does the club intend to publish its most recent accounts?

· Dean Hoyle recently stated that the repayment period on his directors' loans has been extended. By how long has it been extended and how might this impact the club's short and long-term finances and strategy?

3. Return to stadia protocols (HTSA/HTDSC)

· Will fans be required to submit any additional documentation to attend games? (i.e. A recent negative PCR or LFT result, a vaccination certificate, photo identification, etc.).

· Will fans be required to wears masks at any point in the stadium?

· Will fans be required to sign a specific public health-related code of conduct to attend games?

· Does the club expect any queue management issues to arise on ingress and egress?

· What is the expected guidance on away fans?

· When is the next SAG meeting and will the club commit to sharing the minutes with the ATT panel as soon as possible thereafter, as per SGSA recommendations?

4. HTSA 2020/21 survey results (HTSA)

· A brief summary of the results for discussion.

5. HTAFC Women's sponsorship

· How can the club help out with sponsorship costs for the women's team? (Donate to HTSA's crowdfunder).

6. Home friendlies

7. Any other business

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