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About Us

What is HTSA?

HTSA is a non-profit making, democratically accountable Supporters’ Trust and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and has a legal constitution with a wide range of objectives.

Its objectives can be seen below but can be summarised as aiming to represent the interests of Huddersfield Town supporters to the Football Club, the media, the local community and the football world, as well as encouraging football in the local community and strengthening the links between the local community and the Club.

Whilst financial resources are obviously very important in building and sustaining a successful football club, there also has to be a passionate, human and communal dimension. HTSA is here to help build and sustain a well-supported and well-respected football club.


The HTSA has three clear objectives;

1) Ensure Huddersfield Town's continued existence and success

- Sustainable financial position

- Stadium share

- Canalside

- Academy

2) Promote and safeguard the club's famous history

- Thrice Champions celebration

- Memorabilia Collection

- Campaign for the establishment of a HTAFC museum

3) Advancing fans' interests

- Matchday experience

- Contributing with other Town related groups

- Away Fans Matter

Previous Campaigns

Established in 2008 following a merger of various Huddersfield Town groups (including the 2003 created Huddersfield Town Survival Trust), the HTSA has a track record of making a difference.

- The forerunner of HTSA, the Huddersfield Town Survival Trust, helped save the club from liquidation.
- ⁠Successfully worked with the Independent Football Ombudsman to improve the rules, appeal processes, and communication around banning orders.
- ⁠Successfully campaigned with On The Ball and the club to get free provision of female sanitary products in the stadium.
- ⁠Helped establish meaningful structured dialogue with the club through the All Together Town Panel (ATT).
- ⁠Protected and promoted the club’s history through the Heritage Project.

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