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Town Fans Back Sustainable Stadium Campaign

The campaign, which is backed by Kirklees council and other community groups, aims to help raise awareness of pollution and climate issues, tackling both by making the John Smith's Stadium more environmentally friendly.

A few weeks ago, the Huddersfield Town Supporters’ Association (HTSA) launched a survey to see what Town fans think about the Sustainable Stadium Campaign. We were pleasantly surprised to receive well over 100 responses.

The results show that fans have a strong interest in sustainability and overwhelmingly back the campaign.

Importantly, the vast majority want the club to implement measures that make it and the stadium more sustainable.

And it was really encouraging to see that fans are willing to make changes themselves.

All the six campaign aims garnered strong support. We were clear at the outset that the results would be used to guide HTSA’s future strategy, in addition to being a useful tool to inform the club of fans’ opinions. On that basis, we have decided to maintain all six campaign aims going forward, but in the short-term, we will encourage the club to work with us and other stakeholders to improve the level of recycling at the stadium (85 percent support).

We hope to provide an update on the outcome of all this and how the campaign is progressing in the coming months.


How Can You Help?

You can help the Sustainable Stadium Campaign in two main ways.

First, by sharing our articles and social media posts. And if you feel strongly, let the club know that you support the campaign and are glad they do, too.

Second, if you want to become more actively involved, email contact[at], and we'll invite you to participate in our Sustainable Stadium Campaign Working Group.

And remember, we’re running a new membership scheme: you can join HTSA for just £1, and if you work in the NHS, emergency services, a school or the armed forces, membership is free! Existing members can also extend their membership for free.

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