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#OurHome: John Smith’s Stadium Now Listed as an Asset of Community Value

Asset of Community Value status protects the stadium for at least 5 years.

Earlier this year, the Huddersfield Town Supporters’ Association (HTSA) nominated the John Smith’s Stadium as an Asset of Community Value (AoCV) with Kirklees Council.

After more than a few late nights hunched over planning documents and architectural diagrams, we are pleased to announce that the nomination has been successful.

According to the council’s Asset Strategy Team, the stadium has been added to the Register for Assets of Community Value and a Restriction has been placed on the Land Registry for the property. The stadium will remain on the register for a period of 5 years. The listing expires on 16th March 2026, though it can be extended if so desired.

What is an AoCV and what does it mean for the stadium?

During this period, the stadium cannot to be sold without community groups being informed and given the right to make a bid to purchase it. AoCV status can also be used as a reason to refuse planning permission for change of use or demolition. In addition, it means the stadium can be purchased by the local authority if it is under threat of long-term loss to the community.

Commenting on the successful nomination, a HTSA spokesperson said:

“As we have pointed out before, neither the current nor proposed stadium ownership situation are cause for alarm. But, as Town and Giants fans well know, the status-quo does not last forever. We set out to protect our home and our place in it, and this listing goes a long way to doing both, at least for the foreseeable future.”

What happens next?

In their response, the council stated that a letter has been sent to the owners of the stadium to inform them of the decision. We informed Huddersfield Town ourselves on Sunday evening. The owners have the right to appeal for a review conducted by an independent body.

If the stadium is put up for sale in the future, the council will inform HTSA and provide information regarding the potential next steps of the process.

The AoCV listing will not impact mooted plans for Huddersfield Town to take operational control of the stadium. Huddersfield Town were informed of HTSA’s plans to nominate the stadium via email in late-February and at the 8th March meeting of the All Together Town Panel. At this meeting, Chief Executive Mark Devlin confirmed that the club had no objections to the nomination.


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