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Next ATT Meeting - Feedback Wanted

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

The next meeting of the All Together Town (ATT) Panel will take place on Monday, 8th March, 2021. HTSA will send 3 members to the meeting. The Huddersfield Town Disabled Supporters' Association will also send somebody.

Agenda items must be submitted by 5pm on Monday, 22nd February, 2021. If you would like to suggest an item or pass comment, please email us via contact[at] or the club directly via supporterservices[at] We will publish the final agenda as soon as we have it.

The ATT panel is a fan engagement programme whereby directors and club staff meet with supporters every three months to gain feedback on a wide variety of important issues. There are currently 13 individual panel members, as well as five supporter groups, on the panel.

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