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Minutes of the Board of the Huddersfield Town Supporters’ Association (HTSA) - 23.08.2020

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this meeting was hosted online.


5 Board members and 2 members.


4 Board members.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting

  1. The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted by all those present.

12th Annual General Meeting

  1. The latest the trust should host the 12th AGM is 12th November 2020.

  2. This means that the latest it should provide notice is 13th September 2020.

  3. In line with these dates, candidate applications and resolutions should be submitted no later than noon 16th October 2020.

  4. An Election Management Committee (EMG) should be confirmed before notice is provided.


  1. AB explained that the travel surplus from 2019/20 has made it possible to support more charitable causes than usual.

  2. AB confirmed the trust has donated £250 to the Huddersfield Town Women’s fundraiser.

  3. AB reproted that HTSA had paid 43.20 to Wix for website hosting.


  1. The secretary was not present, having sent his apologies.

  2. The meeting agreed that the trust needed to provide more commercial benefits for members.

ATT Panel

  1. AB reported that the club is yet to provide a date for the next ATT meeting. The meeting agreed that the trust should follow up with the club and ask them to commit to a date, ideally one before the 2020/21 season begins.

  2. The meeting agreed to add the following items to the agenda:

(i) 2020/21 Season cards (inc. finance options)

(ii) Return to Stadium Protocols

(iii) Safety Advisory Group representation

(iv) iFollow

(v) Catering

(vi) Stadium Bans

(vii) Governance Reform

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