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Minutes of the Board of the Huddersfield Town Supporters' Association (HTSA) - 02.02.2021

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this meeting was hosted online.


Board - Paul Cooney, Tristan Wooler, Phillip Ross, Neil Brophy, Alasdair Bell, Bini Josh Barr.

Guest - Katie Cross and Mark Doige

Apologies - Emily Broome, Steven Downes, Paul Cuffe, Steven Booth

The general purpose of the meeting was to discuss future aims and strategies for HTSA following a high intake of new board members


· AB introduced guests (Kate Cross (Pledge ball) and Mark Doige (University of Brighton & White hawk FC)

· Kate outlined the work of pledge ball

· Mark outlined his academic work at University of Brighton

· HTSA Sustainability group (Neil and Tristan) outlined what they wanted to achieve/ initiate discussion was had on this and how it will be done (Sustainable stadium campaign)

· Agreed that HTSA would carry out a survey so there was UK based research on how football fans feel about stadium sustainability. Agreed that marks colleague would send research questions to HTSA.

· HTSA agreed to enact ‘pledgeball’ as an association and lobby HTFC to adopt it.

· Chairs action for Pledgball to be added to ATT agenda to promote with HTFC

Items outstanding from previous meeting

1. AB actioned Sue beamount gift and letter

2. Access to membership email for AB, NB and PR still to be given

3. E-membership cards to be chased up.

The following committees outlined what they want to achieve and initiated discussion on this and how it might be done

Membership- Neil and Phill

Chairs actions

1. Membership to be offered at £1 for new members for the rest of the season, free for teachers and those working in frontline emergency services (inc armed forces)

2. Existing members will have membership automatically extended by 1 year free.

3. A wider comms campaign mentioned below to increase membership should help increase membership and promote the above.

4. Membership database to be discussed in more detail between Neil, Phil and Al

Disability – Phill and Paul Cooney

1. PC records ongoing disappointment at no appointment of disability officer.

2. Agreed that HTSA would continue to demand those with a disability have ability to watch games without having to attend when fans return to grounds.

3. Agreed that HTSA will ask ticket office if there is a possibility of a ‘disabled’ option for tickets online rather than having to ring up to arrange this which can be quite an effort for those involved.

4. To raise issues about subtitles on HTFC videos at the next ATT

Governance - Tristan and Alice

1. Chairs action that HTSA to add FSA sustain the game add to agenda

2. Agreed that HTSA to join in national campaigns for an independent football regulator

Women at the Game

1. Emily to meet with Canaries trust to see the work they are doing for Women at the game.

2. Emily to contact htlfc ladies regarding helping them with comms. Alice to text Emily regarding this so she is aware of the agreed action

Digital and Comms - Phill and Paul Cuffe

1. Phil- to present an overall comms plan to the board at the next meeting

2. It was agreed this would include programme match day programme piece and column in examiner for latest day preceding this date a part of this.

3. HTSA to launch comms and membership campaign on Sat 20th march (intl break weekend)

4. To be discussed in greater detail at the next meeting (16th march)


16th march is the agreed date for the next meeting.

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