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Minutes of the 2021 HTSA Annual General Meeting

The 13th Annual General Meeting of the Huddersfield Town Supporters' Association (HTSA) was held online on Thursday, 16th December, 2021.

Present (Board): Phillip Ross (PR), Alice Broome (AB), Emily Broome (EB) Robert Pepper (RP), Paul Cooney (PC), Alasdair Bell (AB), Neil Brophy (NB), Tristan Wooller (TW), Bini Barr (BB).

Present (Other): 18 HTSA members.

Apologies: Paul Cuffe (PC2).

Minute Taker: Neil Brophy (NB).

Chair: Alasdair Bell (AB).


1. Minutes of the Previous General Meeting

1a) The General Meeting confirmed the minutes of the 2021 AGM with no amendments or objections.

2. Co-Chair's Report

2a) AB provided the General Meeting with an overview of the society’s work during the 2020/21 cycle, as well as an outline of its priorities for the 2021/22 cycle.

2b) AB also placed on record the society’s thanks for the contribution made by outgoing Board members Stephen Booth and Steven Downes.

2c) AB announced that members of the Huddersfield Town Disabled Supporters Club are now automatically entitled to free HTSA membership.

3. Financial Report – Accounts

3a) AB presented the society’s Financial Report for the 2020/21 cycle (copies available on request). The report was prepared with the help of Wheawill & Sudworth, the society’s chartered certified accountants and auditor of the accounts.

3b) The General Meeting accepted the 2020/2021 Financial Report with no amendments.

3c) The General Meeting placed on record its thanks to Wheawill & Sudworth and reappointed them going forward.

4. Elections

4b) Seven vacancies were declared and one nomination was received. This nomination was declared to be valid by the EMG.

4c) The nominee was Ross McLean.

4d) In line with rule 8.3 of the society’s Election Policy, Ross McLean was appointed to the Board by an individual affirmative ballot of the AGM.

5. Any Other Business

5a) NB sought for HTSA and Huddersfield Town to distance themselves from sponsorship by gambling companies specifically and the promotion of gambling more generally, particularly any gambling company associating itself with the Huddersfield Town Foundation, which is supposed to be benevolent towards children within the catchment area of Huddersfield Town's support. A HTSA member proposed that the society should ask the club to give equal billing to gambling addiction support charities in their communication. PR then proposed a third option: That HTSA request to keep any gambling advertising away from anything involving children, as well as adopting the members proposal.

5ai) The General Meeting was unanimously in favour of challenging the relationship between gambling and football. However, none of the proposed options received a clear majority of votes. The subject will therefore be put to the wider membership during 2022.

5b) A HTSA member asked what involvement HTSA has with the Cowshed Loyal. AB advised that the society partners with them on foodbank collections and safe standing. The member also suggested that HTSA should offer to help the Cowshed Loyal with funding.

5bi) The General Meeting agreed that HTSA should liaise with the Cowshed Loyal to ascertain how the two organisations might further cooperate, with a view to a possible display to celebrate the centenary of the 1922 F.A. Cup win.

5c) The HTSA Board proposed making £250 available from the Huddersfield Town-administered heritage fund to mark the centenary of the 1922 F.A. Cup run. A member also asked if the Heritage Project had engaged University of Huddersfield, as he believed they may have relevant material that could be accessed.

5ci) The General Meeting unanimously voted to approve the funding request and look into a partnerhsip with the University of Huddersfield.

5d) The General Meeting discussed how members without email addresses, or smartphones, might be contacted and/or provide proof of membership (i.e., to get access to member discounts).

5e) AB made a general appeal to members for assistance with running the society’s day-to-day business.

5f) The Board thanked AB for acting as Chair and looking after the accounts during a very difficult period.

5g) AB thanked Adam Willerton (Leeds United Supporters’ Trust), Peter Wilson (HTSA member), and Robert Pepper (HTSA member) for their work on behalf of the EMG.


The Chair brought the General Meeting to a close at 20:42.

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