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Meeting Minutes of the All Together Town (ATT) Panel – 10.11.2021

Wednesday, 10th November 2021 – 17:30-18:30

Hosted Online

Note: These minutes were taken by the Huddersfield Town Supporters’ Association (HTSA), not Huddersfield Town Association Football Club.


Club representatives: Mark Devlin (CEO – MD); David Threlfall-Sykes (Director – DTS)

Fan Groups: HTSA (3); Huddersfield Town Disabled Supporters’ Club (1); Cowshed Loyal (1)

+ Multiple panel members


1. The impact of Pure Business Group’s administration on the ownership and finances of Huddersfield Town

1. The impact of Pure Business Group’s administration on the ownership and finances of Huddersfield Town

  • HTSA asked whether, in light of the collapse of Pure Business Group, Phil Hodgkinson intends to and is able to carry on as majority shareholder in and chairman of the club.

Mark Devlin (MD) stated that Phil Hodgkinson still owns 75 percent of the shares in the club and that there is no indication of him standing down as chairman. Dean Hoyle covered various funding liabilities in October and will continue to do so until further notice. MD pointed out that this means the club’s short, medium, and long-term future is secure. The club, MD reiterated, has no further comment on this matter until Phil Hodgkinson resolves his own situation.

  • HTSA asked whether the club’s medium and long-term goals will change (i.e. style of play, type of players, etc.).

MD said that nothing will change on this front and that it is very much a case of business as usual. The Board is happy with Carlos Corberán’s performance and the club’s structure.

  • HTSA enquired whether, going forward, Dean Hoyle (the 25 percent shareholder) will be more involved in the day-to-day running of the club and have more of a say on its overall strategy.

MD answered in the affirmative: Dean Hoyle will now have more input on these matters.

  • A panel member asked whether the club’s transfer plans would be affected.

MD repeated that it is business as usual and that the current situation will not change: the club has targets for the January transfer window. MD also observed that the club’s position in the league table will have a bearing on its activity in the transfer market in early-2022.

  • A panel member pointed out that the next instalment of payments (£4 million) to Dean Hoyle is due in January 2022; will this be put towards the transfer budget instead?

MD said that he cannot speak on behalf of Dean Hoyle, and that the potential availability of extra funds will not make it more or less likely that more money will be spent in January. MD stated that no sums have been agreed.

  • HTSA and HTSDC asked whether recent changes will have an impact on the stadium ownership situation.

MD said that negotiations between the stadium shareholders are still ongoing. MD further indicated that there have been no significant developments since Phil Hodgkinson’s last statement on the matter, and that Hodgkinson and Kirklees Council might be further apart on certain key issues than has been reported. Dean Hoyle has asked to be kept updated on the shareholder discussions and has made it clear that any deal must be the right deal for the club.

  • HTSA asked whether it is likely that there will be a new majority shareholder and/or chairman in the near future.

MD said that it’s difficult to say at this stage. MD further confirmed that Phil Hodgkinson will provide an update on his situation as and when he is able.

  • A panel member queried whether everything else (i.e., communications, stadium improvements, changes to the matchday experience) will carry on as normal.

MD answered in the affirmative. The Board is determined to improve the matchday experience and continue communicating with fans; Dean Hoyle will not place any restrictions on these objectives. DTS reiterated MD’s statement, suggesting that the Board aims to carry on as normal, giving the example of Carlos Corberán’s upcoming meeting with the Cowshed Loyal.

  • A panel members asked whether there has been any outside interest in buying the club.

MD said that the club has no comment on the subject. MD stated, however, that the club is in a good position and that, in his opinion, it is an attractive proposition relative to other clubs in the Championship.

The panel extended their best wishes to Phil Hodgkinson and expressed support for those Pure Business Group employees who have sadly been made redundant.


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