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Meeting Minutes of the All Together Town (ATT) Panel - 06.07.2022


Club representatives: Andy Booth (Supporter Services); Rachel Taylor (Supporter Services – RT);

David Threlfall-Sykes (Director of Marketing and Communications – DTS); Jonathan Wilkinson

(Marketing – JW)

Fan Groups: HTSA 1, Huddersfield Town Disabled Supporters’ Club (1)

+ multiple individual panel members


1. Sale of Wembley tickets (various members and HTSA)

2. Procedure/ use of DLO e-mail to book Wembley tickets for disabled supporters (HTDSC)

3. Pricing for senior season card holders (HTSA)

4. Away priority system (HTSA)

5. Gambling Sponsorship (HTSA)

6. Pre-Match Song (Jonathan/ Dave)

7. Ownership update (HTSA)

8. Stewarding and e-cigarettes (HTSA)

9. Sustainability (HTSA)

10. Catering (Club)

11. AOB

Sale of Wembley tickets

- Panel member asked why Ticketmaster charges included £1.25 fee per transaction when supporters had to print themselves

- Director of Marketing and Communications David Threlfall – Sykes (DTS) advised there are a couple of different contract options with Ticketmaster and the fees are part of the contract charges the Club has with Ticketmaster. Discussion regarding the allocation of tickets and how they were sold, DTS advised the Club had to follow the strict selling rules from the EFL and Wembley. The Club did receive allocation from Wembley that were put on sale after the initial sale period that were more


- DTS appreciated a number of supporters had problems when got to the payment screen and were unable to check out therefore losing their chosen seats. Ticketmaster did find an issue with payments cards if they did not match the address correctly. The Club sold over 10,000 in first couple of hours. The Wembley map we received was misleading as did not receive all the blocks shown which confused some supporters would communicate better for future. We are holding a debrief with Ticket Office to address problems encountered.

- HTSA raised why supporters could buy a maximum of six tickets had complaints.

- DTS explained the maximum of six was a Wembley ruling, we did four tickets in 2016/17 as we had more season card holders. Had to work within the Wembley rules.

- Panel member expressed his concerns and feedback from other supporters that Nottingham Forest supporters were in the Huddersfield Town section this had led to a number of incidents between both sets of fans and caused a lot of upset particularly when the stewards and police did not act.

- DTS explained that one of the areas were the Club Wembley seats which were out of our jurisdiction and sold by Wembley. A number of Town supporters have contacted the Ticket Office and given seat numbers of where they suspected Nottingham Forest supporters were sitting however when we have checked the seats they had not been sold. If the Club are informed of any Huddersfield Town supporter who sold their tickets on they will be subject to sanctions. Lowering the amount of tickets sold in each transaction will be part of the review been discussed at the Club. The Ticket Office were checking for booking under Nottinghamshire postcodes.

- Panel member asked why we were allocated the East Stand?

- DTS advised this is determined by Wembley Stadium working with the police, council etc

Procedure/use of DLO e-mail to book Wembley tickets for disabled supporters

- HTDSC gave feedback from various supporters who struggled to book Wembley tickets via the DLO e-mail address, can this be changed/ addressed differently should it be required in the future. Fans were not getting replies for a couple of days were worried they were not going to be able to purchase tickets.

- DTS advised we had over 400 e-mail requests which was well above the last play off final and the expected number. This would also be looked at in the review with the Ticket Office as to how we could improve. Along with looking at having the facility for supporters to book disabled and companion tickets online.

- Rachel Taylor (RT) advised Swansea City had worked with Ticketmaster on a solution to online booking which could be looked at going forwards.

Pricing for senior season card holders

- HTSA advised they had a number of enquiries from fans as to why there is no senior price for season cards

- DTS explained that as our adult price is reasonable adults and seniors are charged the same. If you were to look back at 2015/16 the senior price is roughly the same as price is now, adult price to increase then? Will pass on feedback to the Board.

Away priority system

- HTSA asked if there had been any further thoughts on the points system as discussed at previous ATT meeting Panel.

- Discussion arose amongst the group as to how this could be changed to benefit all

supporters and how to have a system in place for the future should the need arise again.

- DTS advised no plans to review at this stage will take feedback around fairness in away ticketing to the Board.

Gambling sponsorship

- HTSA asked for the Club’s view on sponsorship with gambling companies in particular given the recent Premier League announcement on voluntary banning on new shirt sponsorship deals.

- Panel member said we need to remember we are a family, community club.

- DTS explained that one of our sponsors BK8 have been doing community work with former England footballer Kelly Smith and Huddersfield Town Women’s team.

- HTSA put forward the idea that if the club were to go down the avenue of partnering with companies that were in essence, gambling firms’ they should promote gambling awareness and gambling helplines, giving the same prominence as they advertise the gambling partners.

- This would be taken back to the board

Pre match song

- Head of Marketing Jonathan Wilkinson asked the Panel’s opinion on matchday music

played up until the kick off (like clubs such as Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield

United do), with fans continuing to sing the song into the start of the game.

- A number of songs were outlined by the panel that could be used potentially. It was

agreed that atmosphere group ‘cowshed loyal’ would be included in the consultation about whether doing this would in fact help to improve the atmosphere just before the game kicks off. DTS reiterated that this suggestion was the club trying help add to the existing atmosphere rather than change what the club already had.

Ownership update

- DTS gave a brief update on the situation which was there was no change from previous updates.

Stewarding and E Cigarettes

- HTSA had received complaints from supporters about the smoking of e-cigarettes in the toilets and could this be brought to the attention of the stewards for the new season. Still remain concerned regarding the steward response times to the cardiac arrest and going forward if this time could be reduced.

- DTS would pass feedback onto HTAFC Operations Director Ann Hough so she could make the stadium aware.


- HTSA asked if there had been any further developments regarding the Stadium.

- RT advised the Club has signed up to the EFL Green Club membership scheme and working with the EFL.

- DTS advised will ask for an update from car chargers from Commercial Director Ian Birtley.


- RT advised that there would be a raise in the catering prices this season on most products. KSDL Catering were going to utilise the old betting kiosks in the Chadwick Lawrence Stand and Core Stand Lower to sell beer and cider therefore easing the pressure on the kiosks in those areas. This will help mitigate queuing issues experienced previously.

- Panel member asked could the catering staff use hawking trays in the stand to sell non-alcoholic drinks and could beer stands go in the outside smoking areas.

- Panel member suggested that a beer stand go into smoking areas to ease pressure on the kiosks.

- RT advised she would ask the KSDL Catering staff if this would be a possibility.


Safe Standing

- Panel member commented that in view of the recent change regarding safe standing, will the Club consider implementing this at the JSS.

- DTS advised he would feedback the comments.

- HTDSC asked that they would be consulted if was any changes to be made.

Stadium Wi-Fi.

- Panel Member asked if any further plans to improve match experience by having Wi-Fi installed at stadium.

- DTS advised that would require lot of infrastructure installing at a cost. Unfortunately, the Town Square app didn’t assist.


- HTDSC asked if the problems have been resolved regarding the headsets for visually

impaired supporters

- DTS advised that the KSDL headphones and equipment were old and having spoken to other Clubs and with the help of Steven Downes had trialled using a DAB radio and listening to Radio Leeds and as this was successful the Club was looking at purchasing more radios for supporters to use on a matchday.

Stadium maintenance

- Panel member has received feedback from several supporters sitting in different stands that

there was no hot water in the female toilets

- RT advised she would feed this back to KSDL

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