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HTSA Travel: Birmingham City Coach Cancelled

Dear Members and Fellow Travellers,

We have been forced to cancel the HTSA coaches to Birmingham City and West Brom.

The purpose of running HTSA coaches is to provide a family and disability friendly service, while also helping Town fans save money on away days. As those of you who have travelled with us are no doubt aware, we only ever aim to break even. Any surplus that is generated is used to cut the price of future trips.

Unfortunately, the cost of running coaches has increased significantly since the pandemic began. As a result, we have had to pick and choose when to run coaches to ensure value for money and avoid potential financial losses.

The Travel Club is charging a very reasonable £17 for the Birmingham game. This is not a price with which we could compete without losing a significant amount of money. With regards to the West Brom game, its move to a Friday night and its television broadcast led to a series of booking cancellations. In view of this, we believe that there is not enough demand to cover our costs.

We can only apologise and remind members and fans that we are volunteers with access to a limited budget.

Anyone who had already paid for a HTSA coach ticket will be given a full refund shortly.

If you would have been willing to pay slightly more to travel on HTSA coaches, please do let us know and we will factor this into our future decisions.

You can arrange away travel through the club website.

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