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HTSA Official Wembley Travel Statement

We know that as well as buying tickets, Town fans will be making plans to get to Wembley.

Historically, HTSA has been able to provide coach travel on such occasions. Sadly, as things stand, we have been unable to source a coach at an affordable price (both to the association and passengers). This reflects a wider trend, post-Covid, which we have observed: namely, that it is more difficult for volunteers such as ourselves to run competitively priced travel to away games. We will, however, still endeavour to do so when possible.

With cost being a major issue for many people at the moment, we will try to point people towards the most affordable means of getting to Wembley to cheer on Town! We therefore encourage fans who were looking to travel with HTSA and who are not driving to consider the following options:

  • Buy a coach ticket with the club (£49 - still plenty of availability)

  • Retro Rail tours are looking to run a football special (c £80 inc refreshments). This takes you to Wembley station, within walking distance of the stadium.

  • National express coaches can get you to London Victoria, where you can then get the tube to Wembley (Cost: £30 plus £1 tube fair from Green Park station; £2 bus fair, 25 mins)*

  • Disabled supporters can arrange travel by e-mailing

The above information is accurate at the time of writing so please keep up to date if you are using public transport. In addition, note that there is a potential rail strike planned for 29th May. Please check if these strikes might impact your travel plans.

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