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Fans For Foodbanks: Steven Chicken Encourages Town Fans to Donate with New Pledge

Fans For Foodbanks Crisis Fund has raised over £12,500 for the Welcome Centre since 2020.

Over the past 18 or so months, Town fans have donated an incredible £12,559 to the Huddersfield Town Supporters Association’s (HTSA) Fans For Foodbanks Crisis Fund.

The money raised goes straight to the Welcome Centre, a Huddersfield-based foodbank that provides essentials to people in need.

Many were no doubt inspired to donate by Examiner journalist Steven Chicken. To raise awareness, Steven pledged to cover last season’s tie against Preston topless if the fund surpassed £3,500.

Now, Steven is vowing to get the face of a Town men’s player tattooed on his back if the fundraiser reaches £25,000 by Christmas Day, 2021. The player in question will be the one who scores the first goal for Town after the target has been reached.

Commenting on his latest community-minded stunt, Steven said:

“Last year, Town fans, players, former players, and neutral well-wishers made a phenomenal effort to blow my stupid pledge out of the water within hours. That was brilliant to see, but also means that we wanted to be more ambitious with the target this time around—and that means raising the stakes and promising to do something more permanent. Please donate what you can.”

And remember, you can still drop off canned and non-perishable goods before home games. The Foundation runs a collection point outside the gym entrance. All donations are split equally between the Welcome Centre and Batley Food Bank.

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