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ATT Panel – 8th March 2021 Meeting – Agenda

The next meeting of the All Together Town (ATT) Panel will take place on Monday, 8th March at 19:00. The following agenda items have been submitted for discussion. Agenda items submitted by HTSA and the Huddersfield Town Disabled Supporters Club have been marked as such. Many thanks for your suggestions and feedback.

1. Club Communications / Fan Engagement

· Review of concerns raised by the panel in September 2020 regarding the level of communication with supporters.

· How does the club intend to reengage those supporters who have lost interest or do not feel valued?

2. Huddersfield Town’s Short-, Medium-, and Long-Term Strategy (HTSA)

· Is the Board’s long-term aim still to make Huddersfield Town a top-30 club?

3. Revenue, Investment, and Club Finances (HTSA)

· Does the Board believe that the club can secure the right level of funding to achieve the goal of becoming a top-30 club?

· If not, are there plans in place to secure such funding?

4. Sustainable Stadium Campaign (HTSA)

· When do the club and KSDL intend to resume multi-stakeholder meetings on efforts to make the stadium more sustainable?

5. The John Smith’s Stadium as an Asset of Community Value (HTSA)

· Does the club intend to back HTSA’s nomination of the John Smith’s Stadium as an Asset of Community Value?

· Does the club intend to place the stadium shares into a trust?

6. Continued Remote Access via iFollow for Disabled Supporters (HTDSC/HTSA)

7. Club Video Communications & Closed Captions / Subtitles (HTSDC/HTSA)

8. Club’s Approach to Tackling Racism and Other Forms of Discrimination

9. Season Card Holder Points System

10. Any Other Business

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