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14th Annual General Meeting of the Huddersfield Town Supporters’ Association

14th Annual General Meeting of the Huddersfield Town Supporters’ Association

Held via Zoom


Present (Board)

Robert Pepper (RP), Paul Cooney (PC), Alasdair Bell (AB), Neil Brophy (NB), Tristan Wooler (TW), Ross Mclean (RM)

Present (Other)

19 other members of HTSA


None given

Minute Taker

Paul Cooney (PC)


Alasdair Bell (AB)

Minutes of the Previous Meeting


1a) The General Meeting confirmed the minutes of the 2021 AGM with no amendments or objections.

Chair’s Report


2a) AB provided the General Meeting with an overview of the association’s work during the 2021/22 cycle, as well as an outline of its priorities over the 2022/23 cycle.

2b) AB placed on record the society’s appreciation for the efforts made by previous board members and to those who had helped made the AGM possible.

2c) AB also placed on record the society’s appreciation for the efforts made by the FSA, HTAFC supporter services, the Examiner and Huddersfield Hub for covering Huddersfield Town news.

Main focus to

  • gain clarity on ownership situation

  • increase size of membership

  • increase prominence of HTSA amongst fanbase

Financial Report – Accounts


3a) AB presented the society’s Financial Report for the 2021/22 cycle. The report was prepared with the help of Wheawill & Sudworth, the society’s chartered certified accountants and auditor of the accounts.

3b) The General Meeting accepted the 2021/2022 Financial Report with no amendments.

3c) The General Meeting placed on record its thanks to Wheawill & Sudworth and reappointed them going forward. Copies available on request.



4a) 9 vacancies were declared, 0 nominations were received therefore no elections were held.



5a) Gambling Policy and HTAFC

At the 2021 AGM NB sought for HTSA, and Huddersfield Town, to distance themselves from sponsorship by and the promotion of gambling, particularly any gambling company associating itself with the Huddersfield Town Foundation which is supposed to be benevolent towards children within the catchment area of Huddersfield Town's support. A member proposed that HTSA ask the club to give equal billing to gambling addiction support charities as much as they do the gambling companies. Another member then proposed a third option that HTSA request to keep any gambling advertising away from anything involving children, as well as adopting JC's proposal

The above was formed into a survey and the HTSA fanbase was canvassed on it’s opinion to inform HTSA policy and inform constructive discussion with HTFC.

These results were presented. 62% said gambling companies shouldn’t be allowed to sponsor HTFC. Of those who said they should be allowed, 66% said they should be restricted in the way they sponsor HTFC. 77% of those who responded does not believe HTFC does enough to support with gambling addiction. 77% said HTFC shouldn’t be involved with promoting crypto currency and 82% said more information should be given in cases where HTFC does promote them.

5b) There was an open discussion regarding the Future ownership and direction of HTAFC and the lack of information being made available to the fanbase.

5c) AB made a general appeal for any assistance with running HTSA with whatever time and effort people can contribute.

5d) A member thanked AB for acting as Chair and looking after the accounts during a very difficult period.

AB to be picking up with HTAFC and Town Foundation regarding approach to gambling.

HTSA would be seeking more clarity regarding the situation as HTSA and the wider fanbase has shown an abundance of patience to date.

The Chair brought the General Meeting to a close.

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